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Poptropica For Adults


Approaching prophetically 'feared' Anno Domini 2000, we meet one of the most brilliant and eclectic Italian band of the millennium.

From Livorno, the arrivals hall EIGHTH crazy like a meteor, a melting pot of sounds that blend well Folk, Reggae, Dub, Punk, Pop and so much hate / love song writing, like their fellow countryman Piero Ciampi, former in one of the first post of Musical Pinzillacchere.

Led by Roberto 'Bobo' Rondelli, a former member of the trio Les Bijoux, a face and a voice actor in the 50s hot and powerful, the group (with Simone Padovani on drums, Simon on bass, and Fabrizio Brilli Luti on guitar) draws its name from the local health, more specifically, the sadly infamous Department of Psychiatry of the city of Livorno.
The reputation of the first group is growing in Tuscany, then thanks to an intense activity on stage, crosses the boundaries of the region and the group begins to be well known.
In 1993, thanks to the encounter between Pirelli and Rondelli, producer of Litfiba, EMI Music produced their first album, with more than a success in sales (around thirty thousand copies) of the CD and the great satisfaction of the group.
The title of the album is its "Eighth Pavilion", the album contains one of the single best-known group that opens its doors, "I hit his head," refrain from the irresistible catchy pop song, which is passed very often for radio both as a video clip.
The disc is made entirely by Fabrizio IRA Soundlab Simoncioni participating in the work even as a chorister. Continuing the
concerts far and wide to the Peninsula (the group has gained considerable experience by opening concerts of artists like Bob Dylan, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Willy DeVille).
in 1995 following an album through Universal Music who "misplaced", in which maramaldeggiano violins and accordions in large doses, biting and provocative texts, as in "Overdose Adventure" on drugs, along with songs like "Gimme Money, "" You went away, "the lead single," Julius "and" From the balcony, "a disc that contains current social problems and neuroses, told and music so unconventional and bizarre.
In 1999 he released "To Reggae," the Arroyo indielabel Records, showing a change of gear for Rondelli & Co., alongside Dennis Bovell, famous character Reggae production, producing on this album sounds exactly Reggae, without forgetting its origins 'popular'.
The band has found new friends and associates including the aforementioned Dennis Bovell, Linton Kwesi Johnson's former bassist, Roy Paci, Mau Mau for the wind and Manu Chao.
The disc consists of greatest hits, songs of the immortal Italian tradition as "A Year of Love" (Nino Ferrer and led to success, from Mina), "A day at the beach" (by Elvis) and "Night of waning moon "(Domenico Modugno) paired with revised and corrected versions of beautiful foreign songs like" A I do not know where "(cover" A New England "by Billy Bragg) and" Where you go "(cover of "Guns Of Brixton" from "London Calling" Clash of the legendary). Honours
near and far for tradition and atmosphere, but united by the style and verve of the Eighth Pavilion, with a 'new look' for the occasion.
a long history and unique group that Livornese, from their inception in '91, only a local success, year after year, the Eighth Pavilion rose to national fame.
Their first releases were a real theatrical and musical events, a foray of words, provocation and fun in the name of the most visceral, blood-Livorno Tuscan culture.
Over time, the main characteristic of the group was the inability of 'rating' in any specific genre.
Their latest work is the 2003, a beautiful double album that contains a 'Greatest Hits' (from the title "Best in the beast") and a CD of unreleased, "Last Madness," all produced by Nicola Zaccardi to label Arroyo Records.
Their activity is apparently over, with Bobo Rondelli solo that continues the work of confidential Chansonnier 'tres charmant' rightly appreciated today (likely a future post in this blog ...), with already a number of excellent albums in his career . The EIGHTH HALL
have always been a loose cannon in the Italian music scene, a disenchanted contemporary society , Contemptuous of the 'danger', 'red' between the 'reds', shrewdly 'Leghorn' in terms of humor, unparalleled.
One of the best bands of the '90s decade weblog. Dear Visitors
and my loyal followers, et listen Enjoy it in all their boldness and kindness.

Livorno Calling.

"... it is because they are wrong, everyone will benefit ..."


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